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Page under construction, resources available soon.  Thank you for your patience. 

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Launching mid May.  Sorry for the wait, still working on help resources, taking more time because we're committed to finding the best quality resources available. For now calling 2-1-1 is the most intensive community help resource.  Keep coming back. 

What we are about. Where we are coming from.

Nothing is easy about being willing to give up a meth addiction. It is the #1 most difficult drug to break free from. This website will allow you to be as anonymous as you would like, and to proceed through the process of recovery.  This website will offer free information, resources and education. It will offer active resources to get help in the process of returning to good health.  We are starting this website because of the painful and long meth addiction we endured, the suicide attempts, the mental wards, painful sores, psychotic breaks, etc... You know what we're saying, your most likely there. 

meth triggers

Meth attraction  - 5 minutes 21 seconds 

Science of addiction

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